Whatsapp Blue Tick Hide

WhatsApp has a really useful system for message read receipts whereby it displays two blue ticks. You can even select the message and tap the information icon to see exactly when that message was read.

Whatsapp Blue Tick Hide

That's great - if you're the sender of said message. But when you're the recipient, even though you know it's common courtesy to reply and not doing so makes you a terrible person, sometimes you just don't fancy it. At least not right now. So those two blue ticks that scream "Hey, I've read your message and I'm ignoring you" perhaps aren't all they cracked up to be.
Fortunately, it is possible to read a WhatsApp message in secret, without the sender knowing you've seen it.

Disable WhatsApp Read Receipts
The best way to stop people knowing when you've read their message is to disable read receipts. The catch here is that it works both ways: if you don't let others know when you've read their messages, you won't be able to see when they've read yours. Fair's fair.

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