This Woman Claims Not To Drink Water For A Year Says Its Changed Her Life

Can a person live without drinking water and that too for a year? You will say no, but a woman living in Bali, Indonesia is also alive without drinking water. He has not drunk water for the last one year and now there are some surprising changes in his body.
This Woman Claims Not To Drink Water For A Year Says Its Changed Her Life
The woman's name is Sophie Partick (35). He is a yoga teacher and a nutritionist (nutritionist) by profession. Sophie claims that she has been living without drinking water for the past one year. This has greatly improved his health and he is healthier than ever. However, in exchange for water, she eats fruits and drinks her juice. Apart from this, she also drinks coconut water.

Sophie says that she has been able to live for 52 hours without taking any liquid so far. Now she wants to spend 10 days without taking any liquid. Sophie's thinking about water has changed completely. He says that it is an illusion of the mind of the people that no one can live without water. If we keep restraint, we can overcome our desires.

Sophie says that her family is also surprised to see how she has been alive for a year without drinking water. However, she is feeling better without water. She says that while doing dry fasting, one soon realizes that your body does not need water. You can also live without water.
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