Alert:Your Personal Data Is Being Sold Online On The Internet

Data Leaked To users from more than 100 countries with accounts on various sites and e-commerce sites was revealed on Monday.Has exposed the black business of data transactions.Now besides your name, address,business,credit card,debit card, pen,Aadhaar from which ATM are you withdrawing money,where are you going, what are you eating in which restaurant? Etc. such information are being sold by data mafias. The location of your one-to-one movement is sold.
Alert:Your Personal Data Is Being Sold Online On The Internet
Maps installed in your mobile,taxi app,gaming app,scanning app,meeting app,sharing app steals this data by getting your consent,which is sold to the mafia. Empty the account by displaying fake ads to suit your interests.The 100 GB sample provided by the French company in sting operation contained data of 30 lakh people from the country and 5 lakh people from Gujarat.

Many Apps Violate Privacy:

They also know which ATM,which bank, which restaurant you go to, how to pay with which card.

Location Data Is Miss Used In Two Ways:

  • PII (Personal Identifiable Information) data like credit / debit card number,account number,PIN number,Aadhaar / PAN number is expensive in the gray market. When location data is found at half price. Hackers can get financial information even more easily than this.
  • Companies buy location data to sell their brands. The opponent targets you on social media by creating a cheap product. Customers who buy their own products can differentiate and create a marketing strategy.This information reaches your dealer/supplier.

Why Companies Buy Your Personal Data:

Most app companies buy data according to their customer's demands and send them ads.Location Track lets people shop online or find out by going to the store. After that, the ads of the items searched in Google are constantly hitting you.Online ones are sent advertisements of online companies and shoppers are sent a list of shops by going to the store.This is done until you make a purchase.If you bought groceries online then with the help of AI it is known that now the groceries have been used so AIDS strikes again.According to experts, even if the location is kept off in the mobile, the user's location can be tracked.
Financial Fraud Can Be Committed Only On The Basis Of Date Of Birth,Phone Number:
According to Cyber ​​Security Expert Kaushal Bhavsar we give a lot of access to many applications even without the need.It transmits private information to the server in the background.Some companies use this information for themselves.So some earn money by selling it.All this is so dangerous that if the hacker wants he can get all the details of the bank based on your date of birth and phone number and also do the transaction.
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The greater risk is from companies whose servers are overseas. Because of this, even the law cannot do anything against them. There are only two ways to escape.Be careful and use the web instead of the app.

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